Modifying the Present PeoTV Application Targeting the Smart TV Viewers

Presently Smart TV users have no option to directly install SLT PeoTV application and have to rely on the traditional method of accessing the IPTV service. This effort is to to develop a prototype android based application to show case the possibility which will enable the Smart TV users to download the PeoTV application from a private App Store. Subscribers will be enabled to subscribe to SLT PeoTV via the Smart Television and consume the service instantly targeting the rapid subscriber growth and easing the access

Presently PeoTV service does not offer any value added OTT services (e-commerce, CCTV monitoring, etc). Traditional TV viewers have no option to link with e-commerce via television. This effort is to develop a prototype android based application to lay the platform enablement of e-commerce. New platform to be overplayed on top of the television and can be operated with the remote control hence subscribers will be enabled to browse enabled e-commerce applications via the TV, CCTV monitoring, etc. Transaction based revenue generation will be targeted aiming the huge number of existing customer base.