Digital Lab

Using AI to Predict Career Paths

Using data analytics on student information currently available to predict future possibilities for students and providing feedback Input Formatted Student academic data Student Extracurricular activities Student interests Output Prediction on student career paths Suggestions for students based on their interests and current records

AR Classroom for Distance Learning

Developing a AR classroom environment to which teacher and students can join for a more relevant school experience for students and teachers alike than traditional online learning platforms Input Video/Audio streams of students and teachers Output AR classroom environment

Smart Waste Management

AI enabled waste collector bins to detect waste levels and predicting possible time to filling up based on historical data Input Garbage level inputs from bins Output Generating alerts based on predicting fill up times based on historical data Notifying optimal routes to take for waste collection based on levels of bin filling

Transactional Bots (Sinhala)

Development of algorithms to identify Customer voice Inputs from Sinhala for the banking sector Identifying Customer Account Number Identifying Customer NIC Input Customer Voice Output Identification of the number spoken by customer to be used in transaction processing

Analytics Based Tools To Predict Crimes

Using Data Analytics to predict future possibilities of crimes based on criminal records and other related inputs Input Criminal Records (Location, type of offense, involved parties etc) Output Predicting possibilities of crimes based on historical data Predicting the risk of offender if sent back to the society Identifying crime patterns in early stages