ML to Fight Kidney Diseases in Rural Sri Lanka

Developing ML tools to analyze patient Test records to effectively predict Kidney failure in patients Identifying geographical regions at risk based on patient results Input Formatted recent test records of patients Access to historical data of patients, their diagnosis and their geographical locations Output Predict the probability of kidney disease in patients based on historical …

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AI to Predict Patient Future

Analyzing patient history records to predict future health concerns based on their test results. Suggesting preventive measures for patients based on health records Input Formatted test records of patients for pre identified medical tests Output Health conditions that the patient might need to be vigilant about Preventive measure that can be taken for the patient

Smart Bed for Patient Monitoring

A smart bed that combines multiple sensors to monitor patients and alert medical staff of any complications Input Patient Readings Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen etc Patient Video Analysis Irregular Movements No Movement for Prolonged Period etc Patient Audio Analysis Output Alerts to officials when abnormal readings are detected from the sensors